Wednesday, August 1st, 2001:

Did you know that this summer marks the 40th anniversary of the video game? This BBC article has all the details; after reading it you can play the game here. Don’t expect much…

I picked up the tickets for my flight to Tokyo yesterday. It’s way too expensive to even think about flying business class, but I did get a window seat in the first row of coach; it’s right behind the bulkhead, with plenty of legroom. Take that, rest of Air Canada Flight #1!

More bad news on the thespian front: This article comes fresh today from Variety. You’d have to pay to read it on their website; here’s the gist of it, for free… Thanks, AvantGo!

Canucks’ Labor [sic] Woes Spur Reverse Runaway

MONTREAL — Hollywood may have dodged a labor bullet by forging new contracts for actors and writers, but its problems are just beginning in the Great White North.

The current agreement between ACTRA, Canada’s main actors union, and the producers (both Canadian and American) expires at the end of the year, with negotiations set to begin this fall.

Top execs from the U.S. majors have told reps of the Canadian film business that the studios will not bring any productions to Canada in the coming months unless they can definitely wrap filming by Jan. 16. That’s the date when Canadian actors can legally go on strike.

The timing couldn’t be worse for Canada. There are no studio shoots here this summer because of the delays caused by the SAG negotiations. The majors all rushed to make extra films earlier in the year prior to the strike deadline and are only now scrambling to ready projects for the fall.

‘It’s a critical situation for everyone,’ Montreal film commissioner Andre Lafond says. ‘Toronto will lose. Montreal will lose. All I can say to ACTRA is do something. Someone is going to suffer. None of ACTRA’s members know about this and they’re going to lose money.’

Well, it’s not like I’m in any Hollywood movies anyway… But Cynthia Dale might want to start rolling her extra change. 😛

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