Wednesday, August 8th, 2001:


In Toronto you’ve already missed one chance to see me and my Film Centre prototype on this week’s Media Television. But fear not; there are two more: Tonight at 11:30PM and tomorrow at 8. If you can believe it, I’m already wistfully looking back at nerd school as a happier, more innocent time…

Breaking into the world of interactive entertainment (digital, not theatrical) is proving to be more difficult than I thought. The standard entry point into the industry seems to be as a game tester, a brainless, low-paying gig, but one that I could certainly fit into my presently sparse schedule of auditions, teaching and corporate shilling. The problem is that the big game companies are in California, Vancouver, Montreal — anywhere but Toronto!

I’m thinking it would be both penny and pound foolish to give up those other sources of income for a pilgrimage to Activision or Electronic Arts, as there’s also that little matter of the mortgage on my condo…

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