Thursday, August 30th, 2001:

Many thanks to all the finger-crossers out there… Looks like I’ll be crossing the international date line, again!

Our itinerary so far includes shows in Hong Kong, Beijing and Singapore, with Kuala Lumpur still to be confirmed. And contrary to what you read in the last entry, it’s not a tour of Canadian consulates, but a legitimate comedy road show for audiences of ex-pat civilians.

Our Hong Kong hotel is supposed to have high-speed Internet access in every room (the one in Singapore probably doesn’t), so expect at least partial updates to this site during my trip. More good news is that with a Fido “world phone” I should have a signal in every stop but Beijing. So if you’re one of the lucky few who has my cell phone number you can beat the system and talk to me on the other side of the globe for the price of a local call!

Speaking of Beijing, my visit to mainland China won’t be my first experience with communism; in 1989 I went to a student film festival in Czechoslovakia, still in it’s hammer and sickle days. The things I remember most? The scarcity of fruit and the border crossing. Nothing will wake you up from an overnight train ride like searchlights and machine gun towers…

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