Saturday, September 8th, 2001:

I’ve been busy getting myself re-acquainted with the wonderful world of corporate comedy.

As a warm-up for our tour of the Far East, our Second City stage manager hired me and two of the other Asia-bound actors to do some improv for a group of Criminal Court judges enjoying a Lake Simcoe retreat. They were an unruly but attentive audience, so long as our scenes had a least one transvestite in ’em…

I’m also pitching a scene or two for a meeting of the IOF, while re-learning some classic (some might say “ancient”) Second City gags for our fans on the other side of the world.

I also picked up my world phone from Fido, for a thirty-day trial. Good thing, because I’d otherwise be very hesitant to drop three hundred bucks on a phone that’s bound for both Asia and obsolescence. I don’t get Fido; whoever their buyer is has the easiest job in the world — all they have to do is keep tabs on what handsets are popular in Europe, then bulk-order a whack of them from the manufacturer for the Canadian market. If that person was actually doing their job, I might have actually spent money on something a little more current

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