Saturday, September 29th, 2001:

Today I shopped ’til my shoe flopped…

Orchard Road is where Singapore spends a good deal of it’s money, and while on that street my $40 show shoes finally kacked on me. My left sole all but jettisoned itself from the rest of the shoe, dangling from the toe,succumbing finally to two weeks of double duty — tourist transport by day, and steppin’ out on stage at night. My accident happened at the worst possible time, as I was rushing to meet the rest of the gang for high tea at the Hilton. I walked the last three blocks in a manner that would make John Cleese proud. Fortunately I happened upon a shoe repair place, and the helpful shopkeep gave me a pair of loaners, cheap rubber sandals that were way more comfortable than the shoes being fixed. Half an hour and one crappy high tea later, I was back in business and ready to shop some more.

You’ll read about how unimpressed I was at the Funan Centre in Thursday’s entry, below. Today, I paid a return visit and dropped about three hundred bucks, on last year’s Samsonite luggage and a laptop power adapter for the plane ride back. I got good deals on both, but didn’t realize that the Apple connector included with the adapter didn’t fit my iceBook. It fits the G3 PowerBook and the old iBook, but not the new iceBook. Thanks, Apple… Maybe I’ll send you the bill for the cabs I took in a last minute third trip to the mall, one that almost made me miss the last show of our tour. Taking a cab in Singapore involves waiting in queue at a taxi stand. Considering how expensive cars are here — a new Honda Civic will set you back ninety thousand dollars — the stands are always crowded. I made it to the theatre with minutes to spare (okay, twenty of them) and the swan song of our tour not only went up on time, it even got us an encore!

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