Sunday, November 3rd, 2002:

Brilliant! That’s the best way to describe my new DSL ‘Net connection with So far I’m surfing at speeds faster than cable, and my new modem is so small I can tuck it beneath my LCD monitor. Plus, I can dial-up anywhere in North America with my laptop!

Here’s a little story that will hopefully make you think twice before cracking open your next Labatt product. My buddy Al Howell won an air hockey table in a contest, and asked me to supervise the delivery while he was out of town. The two slackers that showed up with it did nothing but bitch and moan all the way up to his door, at which point I realized that I was, how shall we say… Without key?

What happened next was that these two less than stellar examples of humanity refused to take the table back downstairs, and abandoned me with a fifty-pound air hockey table in the middle of a hallway. Their reasoning: “We’re just doing this as a favour… We’re not really delivery men”. You got that right, assholes!

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