Wednesday, November 6th, 2002:

Had an interesting bit of cultural shock the other night. I did a phone interview with a reporter in Singapore — this might be a link to the publication she writes for, but I’m only guessing. Anyway, the young lady’s first question was “what’s your age?”, to which I gave the standard actor’s trite reply:

“Well, in a Second City show I can play anywhere from 18 to 75…”
“Okay, but what’s your age?”
“You know, that’s kind of an odd question to put to an actor…”
“It’s the policy of our magazine.”
“Oh, so you won’t print it…”
“Yes, we’ll print it. What’s your age?”

After playing the “warmer/colder” game for a couple minutes, we finally moved on. But today I’m wondering, would Cher get this kind of treatment?

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