Sunday, November 10th, 2002:

I should have known something was up when I saw that a DVD was included in my new Foo Fighters CD. Sure enough, when I popped the compact disc into my CD-ROM drive, I couldn’t access any of the tracks on it. Fortunately, the latest wave in CD copy-protection is pretty damn easy to circumvent; you can either take a magic marker and follow the instructions detailed here, or, like I did, make a disc-to-disc copy of the audio tracks. Following the second method will yield a duplicate, unprotected CD — is this what the record companies really want? Alls I’m looking for is to listen to the Foos whilst surfing the web with my morning coffee; I paid $17.99 + tax for that right, and I can’t. I’d call that being ripped off!

We Mac users have it especially tough when it comes to CD protection, especially with our iPods just a FireWire connection away. In signing up for a free trial of PressPlay, I found out the the legitimate music download service was for PCs only.

… And record companies wonder why we pirate music!

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