Friday, November 28th, 2002:

After the expected second night blues for our Second City show, our producer took all of us back to where I had been that very afternoon. But with the sun having set, and the Muslim community freed from the prescribed fasting of Ramadan, Malay Village was even more crowded and exciting than before. Being in the midst of these kind, gentle folks, it sure was hard thinking of them as terrorists — Mr. Bush, Jr. might do well to pay this area a visit!

I stopped at one of the stalls to get myself a couple of henna tattoos, mostly to impress the young ladies that had come out shopping with us. If you’ve never heard of henna, well… It’s basically liquefied cow patties that get squeezed out of a tube onto your arm, or wherever else you want it. The tattoos only last about two weeks at best, but that didn’t stop Doug Morency and I from engaging in a little one-upsmanship: I started with an armband that would never be seen beneath my shirt, he raised me with a forearm scorpion, then I trumped him a dragon in the same place.

You’re supposed to let the dung dry on your arm for at least half an hour, then scrape off the excess. That’s where the trouble started. By the time we got back to the hotel I had somehow smeared cow shit all over my pants and shirt. Luckily I have both spares and laundry facilities within the building. And the morning after, my new dragon doesn’t look so bad.

One other thing I picked up was a CD of Indonesian jazz, which I’m listening to right now!

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