Thursday, November 28th, 2002:

Well, it must have been a good show last night, ’cause I stayed up with the cast way late and drank way too much. At our official post-show reception I met Mario Rosario, the kind gentleman from Air Canada who flew us over here, and a lovely young lady from Mumbai who just started working for Nokia, and had one of their sexy new phones. Then I made the mistake of drinking some more on the patio of the restaurant beside our hotel. I thought I could counteract the alcohol poisoning with some finger foods, but it didn’t work — I had the distinct displeasure of seeing said finger foods again only a hour or two later…

Once I got over my hangover this morning, three of us set out for our first-ever Singapore subway ride and some bargain-hunting in the shops of Malay Village. But first we had some indigenous breakfast in a local food court. My appetizer was two pieces of grilled bread with peanut butter and cheese. Kooky.

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