If you ever wanted to know what a Second City script looked like, here’s your chance!

Cowboys is a ten-minute silent scene, made famous by Dana Anderson and Bruce Pirrie. I did up this list of beats myself from a videotape, and thought it worthy of sharing…

Lights Up – SL, Ka-dink kad-ink to
Swinging Door – Squeak, Thru, Stop
Ka-dink to SR
Marc Entrance – Swinging Doors
Ka-dink, Ka-ching – Cross to SL
Order Shot – Dribble – Wa wa wa
Wa wa wa for Marc?
Back Up – Shoot Glass
Pimp Marc with more Broken Glass
Marc Breaks Own Glass
Gunplay – Spin, Switch
Throw Gun Up, L to R, R to L, Up/In
Marc – Gun Pimp
Ka-dink to Bar, Belt – “Untie”
Marc to Bar – Knife after his Coat
Marc – Pants Down
FIght – Punch Blocked, Punched
Out to Sheep – “Baaa”
Double Punch – R then L
Back to Bar, Belt – Kicked, Balls Beat
Pull Foot Out – You Try, then Marc
Pull Boot Out
Offer Boot, Shake, Train

By the way, if Google brought you to this page, please let me know what the hell you were searching for!

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