Bosnia Briefing

The lowdown on what I can expect for the next two weeks in the Balkans…

After we put our mammoth two hour-plus entertainment extravaganza on its feet for military brass yesterday, we were briefed on the some of the particulars of our tour. We’ll be performing seven shows on six different military bases, then treated to one night in a five-star Zagreb Hotel before our return.

It’s unlikely that I’ll be able to connect my iBook to the ‘Net while on base; instead I’ll have to make do with a shared army PC. To keep you in the know I’ve set up a temporary Blogger account for tour updates, and will give you a link to it before I leave.

Some other interesting/trivial details: A collared shirt and closed shoes (i.e. no sandals) will be required dress on board our transatlantic military flight. Also, no pornographic materials of any kind will be permitted on the flight or on tour, meaning I’ll have to dump my copy of the PalmaSutra from my Treo. And no fraternizing or sexual relations of any kind will be tolerated. This means that once the married couple in the Shagadelic Swingers enter a military base, they will no longer be married!

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