My Window on the World


…. Or, more specifically, the big bay window at The Centre for the Arts, where I’m rehearsing for the Fringe.

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5 Responses to “My Window on the World”

  1. Ed Miller says:


    It’s such a nice view that you don’t even notice the smog. Bet you spent half your time watching the fire trucks, though, huh?


  2. Ah, what a keen eye you have… But can you figure out which Toronto Fire Station I’m looking out over, and which direction I’m facing?

    (Hint: There’s a famous Toronto landmark in the top-right corner of the photo…)

  3. Ed Miller says:


    Well, given that I can see the House That Moses Built, uh, CHUM-City, I’m guessing that’s the old Toronto FD Firehall #1. I’m not up to speed on what they’re calling it in the new City of Toronto (Firehall 300 something if they’re sticking to the plan I read in the Star a long time ago), so you can disqualify me on the basis of being out-of-date….

    Watched Emergency! too much as a child

  4. Ed Miller says:

    Ooops –forgot part 2 of your question. You’re facing north across King St.


  5. Ed, so close!!!

    I’m facing north across Adelaide, actually… But if there was a prize to be had here rest assured, it would be all yours…