My First (and last) Energy Drink


Before you buy that case of Red Bull you may want to read this…

Yesterday on a whim I dropped $2.59 on this can of Guru Lite—all the taste with only half the enlightenment! I didn’t feel any different until I had a chance to watch some TV; suddenly and out of nowhere I got this overwhelming feeling of anxiousness, like I should be out running a marathon or pulling tractor-trailers with my teeth.

My pulse seemed normal but I was sure my heart was racing, so I found myself some more busy work to do. And when it came time to lay my head to rest I found it almost impossible to get to sleep.

From now on I’ll stick to coffee, thank-you very much!

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One Response to “My First (and last) Energy Drink”

  1. Ed Miller says:


    On the Canada Day weekend, I was introduced to a beverage called Rev ( It’s an energy drink with 7% alcohol in it, and given that I was in Montreal and the bars close at 3 am, I consumed a few in order to keep awake. At the hotel, I had the shakes, accelerated heart rate, and I was feeling pukey. A dangerous mix of caffeine, alcohol, and south American berries that goes down pretty easy as the night goes on…. I recommend adult supervision with Rev!