Living with Linux: AFP, SMB… WTF?!


Believe it or not, you’re looking at the result of about a week’s worth of work!

Getting Linux to connect to the other Macs on my home network has been a real brain-buster, but I finally got it up and running… I think. Kubuntu doesn’t recognize Apple’s AFP protocol (known to people who speak regular English as “sharing”), so I had to install a Samba server on my Dell notebook. That part was actually easier than it sounds; it was all the mucking around with passwords and workgroup domains that really frustrated me.

I still don’t think I have it configured properly—the “Inspiron” seen the screen grab above is my Linux machine, so why is its address “mshome”?!—nonetheless, now the real test of Linux can begin, as I can transfer over all the docs, pics and more from my Mac and see how Kubuntu handles them…

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2 Responses to “Living with Linux: AFP, SMB… WTF?!”

  1. Matt Rogers says:

    Easier than SMB is just using SSH. Turn on remote login on the mac, then you should be able to to type fish://”static ip of mac” into Konquerer and have your mac files show up.

  2. Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the comment!

    Have to say, though, that I’m not entirely sure that I agree with you—only because I’m not in the habit of memorizing the IP addresses of all the ‘puters on my network.


    I’ll definitely try it out, though…