Photos and Video from Trinidad

Now with share-y, taggy, web 2.0 good-ness!

I’ve got about forty photos up so far on my Flickr page, and also a couple of videos on YouTube. The photos are a bit of a work in progress—I’m still adding descriptions and I don’t know the names of some of the other authors at the NALIS reading.

Little help, Ray?

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3 Responses to “Photos and Video from Trinidad”

  1. Ray The Wat says:

    NALIS reading, in order of appearance (I think):

    Willi Chen
    Lakshmi Persaud
    James Aboud
    Ita Sadhu
    Grandmaster Wat
    Austin Clarke

  2. That’s the stuff… Thanks man!

  3. John says:

    Joyce Davidson? What an obscure (un)pop-culture reference. Was this song your request? And did the band play the theme to “The Shulman Files” as an encore?