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Friday, March 28th, 2003: My take on the growing anti-Canadian sentiment in the US: Friends don't let friends defy the United Nations.
Wednesday, March 26th, 2003: To get my mind off the regime change at Second City Communications (the corporate whoring division of the theatre) I've been spending the last day or so looking at the care package we got from our producer in Singapore. Among the included goodies was a Video CD of an interview I did for Chinese Television and some digital photos of our live show. I liked this one the best.
Wednesday, March 19th, 2003: I got a bad feeling about this...
Monday, March 17th, 2003: I managed to find some me time in Bermuda over the weekend, despite the constant and commanding presence of my 2 and 4 year-old nieces. Some highlights:

By the time I touched down at noon on Friday, most of my family was assembled at The Swizzle Inn, waiting for my triumphant arrival by rented scooter. After getting acclimatized to the deep fried foods that would become a staple of our weekend diet, we arranged for a babysitter so the big kids could enjoy all that the Hamilton happy hour had to offer. After a pint or two overlooking the harbour at Flanagan's, we headed to The Pickled Onion for a rack of prime rib. A bit of culture shock was in store for my oldest brother and sister-in-law as we ventured into the rough side of town (i.e. no Starbucks) to hear our host (and my other older brother) sit in with the local jazz band. We could have called it a night then and there, but I insisted that no pub crawl would be complete without a visit to The Beach. Unfortunately this particular Friday saw the place full up with spring breakers, sucking back shooters while singing the heartfelt anthem of their generation: "I wanna have sex on the beach, come on and move your body..."

Fearing I would miss the last call for one of my two favourite Bermuda breakfasts, I scooted into Hamilton alone on Saturday, just in time for a tasty griddle cake at The Spot. I was back an hour later to keep my family company, then spent the next few hours wandering around downtown. After a quick tour of my brother's office, I side-stepped the kids' ascending crankiness and hopped on a ferry to the Dockyard, to pick up a Bermuda Rum Cake for an after-dinner treat. I brought my scooter with me, and covered about two thirds of the island on it while making my way home.

Sunday started off on a bad note; a friend of my sister-in-law had made arrangements for us to brunch at The Coral Beach Club, but even with our day pass we didn't feel the slightest bit welcome. We were stuck at an outside table, got crummy service and when the food finally came it was both cold and tasteless. I would have made my dissatisfaction public by hauling down the waiters' Bermuda shorts and putting foot to arse, but it would have set a bad example for the kids. You know how it is... I spent much of the day's remainder taxiing my family around, first my brother to the historic and uber-boring town of St. George's, then my sister-in-law to the local brewpub for a break from the kiddies. Two adult well-fed Currie boys squeezed onto a gutless bike made for a painfully slow ride up inclines of any kind. Even worse, we couldn't pass over the speed bumps on my brother's driveway without bottoming out. Having my sister-in-law on board was much easier, and that the passing motorists thought we were a bona fide couple instead of two gay tourists was an added bonus.

This morning I made my last stop for starch at the Specialty Inn, where I dined on some tasty banana pancakes before heading out to the airport, to fly home and be united with my own kids, my Conservatory class... Don't miss our grad show on the Second City mainstage this Saturday at 1pm!

Wednesday, March 12, 2003: Busy busy busy! Busy getting ready for a family vacation in Bermuda this weekend... Busy getting my Conservatory Class ready for their Grad Show on Saturday March 22nd... Busy trying to find a cheap plane ticket to the Chicago Improv Fest...

But I'm never too busy to upload a dirty movie for your viewing pleasure!

Thursday, March 6th, 2003: Kudos to both Global News and Kevin Newman for giving me the best reasoning yet for the coming war on Iraq. Unfortunately there's no online reference to what I watched during tonight's dinnertime broadcast, so you'll have to settle for my own reinterpretation of it.

So George W. Bush is rolling the dice in the biggest gamble by an American President since Harry Truman dropped atomic bombs on Japan. No argument there. But why is his government doing it? Apparently because in a new information age where more developing nations around the globe have the ability to arm themselves with whatever they like for whatever reason they choose, Bush wants western-style democracies wherever he can force them into being, particularly in the unstable Middle East. Too bad that in this same information age the yanks can't do it up old school like they used to in Central America.

So why Iraq? Here's where the light bulb went off in my noggin. I won't deny that Saddam Hussein is a bad guy, but just as importantly, and perhaps more so, Iraq has been battered by more than a decade of economic sanctions and other bullying, so Bush's proposed "regime change" shouldn't be so hard to pull off, on paper at least. And it'll guarantee a raise in his allowance from his proud pappy!

And why, instead of making Saddam public enemy number two, isn't Bush looking at what I'm believing more and more is the real cause of 9/11, that is, the United States' continuing bias in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? That question wasn't asked in the farce that was tonight's Presidential press conference, so someone's gonna have to explain that one to me...