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Presenting my brand-new headshots!

Hey, I needed colour photos anyway, right?

This electric green suit is well suited for game show hosting gigs. The actor in it? Not so much.

I didn't plan on having alternate photos again; I suspect it's a conspiracy to bankrupt me, masterminded my Tim Leyes and my agent...

So that's where the soul-piercing stare at the top of the page came from...

If this shot doesn't start getting me those assassin roles, I don't know what will. Of course, if you compare this photo with the one immediately below, you'll notice my posture has gotten worse. That's what happens when you carry the weight of the World's problems on your shoulders!

(Sigh) Look at all that hair.

A detail from this photo was the original logo for my site. The idea behind it was something along the lines of "I see you, motherfucker!"

Of course, I'll still peddle your crap; just tell me where to stand!

I've also made two résumés available for your downloading pleasure...

There's the standard acting one, and another for the new media industry. Hey, I gotta get something out of the five grand and five months I spent at nerd school!

Lookit me, I'm ePublished!

If you have a Palm or PocketPC-compatible handheld, you can now carry portable versions of my 2001 archives and the feature I wrote for with you wherever you go. Just make sure you've also got a copy of the Palm Reader.