The Sinclair ZX 81. My Dad had worked all afternoon, writing a program for his Sinclair Personal Computer. He proudly showed me the result: A pixellated truck blipped its way across a black and white screen.

By this time I was already jaded by the games at my local arcade. If this was personal computing, what was the big deal, anyway?

I soon found out. For Christmas, 1988, my Dad bought me a Commodore Amiga; with it I used WordPerfect, a drum machine synthesizer, a video editing program and lots of games.

My Dad had a new computer too, and was using it to access something called a BBS, but I was having too much fun to notice.

The Amiga 500.
My 2nd Mac. Bulletin Board Services grew into Online Services, and I was there, with my first Macintosh. I've pointed and clicked my way through two more Macs since then, getting experience with desktop publishing, web design, digital imaging and, most recently, desktop video.

Now if only my Dad would catch up...

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