The Devils at Speaker's Corner, 1997. As a Halloween dare in 1996, fellow Second City alumnus Albert Howell talked me into going on Citytv's SPEAKER'S CORNER to rebut the arguments of its other participants.

Six months and countless free T-shirts later, the show had made minor celebrities of us, and the producers aired a half-hour special devoted to our oeuvre.

Our rise to fame culminated in 1998 with a showcase for Canada's brand-new Comedy Network. They had just purchased the Masonic Temple, and found its fifth-floor court room suitable for taping a knock-off of the popular WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?

Because the Devils fit the room, they got an 80-episode gig as hosts of The Comedy Network 's IMPROV HEAVEN & HELL.

The Comedy Network's poster for IH&H, 2000.
The Devils at The Cream of Comedy Awards, 2000. With the series done, and episodes set to air daily on the network, the Devils are, for now, content to make the odd live appearance, where they are free to revert to their unique brand of nasty commentary.

If there is one thing we've learned from our wild ride, it's the power of television... Even Canadian television!

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