"Rabbitzilla", made at Northern Secondary School, 1982. My high school years were spent in an enriched learning program at Northern Secondary School in Toronto. What this meant was that my teachers couldn't say "no" when I asked if I could make a video instead of doing an essay.

Good timing had kindly put me in high school during the home video revolution of the 1980s. Our Board of Education had bought some Betamax cameras that they didn't know what to do with. But I did...

My goofy high school videos got me into the Film and Video Program at York University.

With four years of writing, directing and acting in short films and videos, I somehow got away with hardly ever touching a camera, and still bagged the 1989 Famous Players Maple Leaf Award for Most Talented Student.

A prop from "The Strange Story of Jacques LaPlante", my 1989 thesis film for York  University.
On the set of "The Squeege", made for The Pirate Video Cabaret, 1998. After graduating from York I moved to Los Angeles for fame and fortune as a screen writer. Five feature scripts later, I'd found neither.

But my film and video-making continues. I produced a music video parody that was licensed to The Comedy Network in 1997. I used my digital still camera to experiment with frame by frame moviemaking for The Pirate Video Cabaret. And I'm presently using my miniDV camera to entertain both corporate and civilian audiences.

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