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So Futureshop.ca is having this big Canada Day sale... Well, the sham that's posing as their online business is what has me seeing red.

Simply put, there's fuck-all that's online about it!

During a similar Boxing Day sale last winter the Futurefolks had a fire sale on a digital camera that I wanted. After placing an order on their website I got a call from their customer service department, telling me that my order would be frozen until my credit card was authorized, and that it could take up to twenty-one days before my camera could get out their door! At the time my VISA had plenty of headroom on it, so I promptly cancelled my order and went to an actual store, where I got the same item at the same price, with no waiting.

Two days ago, a friend of mine ordered a video camera on sale from the Futureshop website, and yesterday got a message from customer service, asking for a confirmation call from the phone number listed on the order. I happily called customer service on her behalf, and asked one of the drones there why someone would have to schlep all to the way home to prove her identity. I was told that it was their "fraud prevention policy".

Bullshit, I say! Every paying Futureshop.ca customer has to give away their email address -- which Futureshop helps themselves to whenever they're in a spamming mood -- and provide a password. Why isn't that good enough? Hell, I can buy a car from eBay without needing a confirmation call, and in my opinion any online business that requires offline confirmation ain't really online at all!

Posted: Wed - July 2, 2003 at 08:57 AM        

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