So Close

I came close to freeing myself from the clutches of Bell Canada. So close...

I've had a hate-on for Bell Canada ever since I got my first mobile phone from them. The steep airtime on my first analog handset made it pretty much unusable except for checking messages at home. And when Bell Mobility refused to subsidize an upgrade to digital service, I refused to give them any more of my money, and happily moved on to clearNET, then Fido.

On that historic day when high-speed Internet came to town, Bell's Sympatico HSE was the first service to be available in my apartment building. But its awful proprietary connection software and asynchronous speeds made me run for cable as soon as I could.

When I moved into my new condo I was charged a hundred and fifty bucks for some jerk with a tool belt to flip a switch outside and activate my phone line.

My time at The Canadian Film Centre's h@bitat gave me new insight into the Bell New Media fund. Sure, they want to support the creation of Internet content, but it has to be attached to a pre-existing television program. 20th-century thinking, if ever I heard it.

These days the only extra feature on my landline is call forwarding to my Fido, but my blood still boils when it comes time to give Bell Canada money that they clearly do not deserve. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found out about eFax, a free fax-to-email service, because faxing was the only thing left that I needed a landline for.

Well it turns out that the only way I can send faxes through eFax is to upgrade to their $20 (Canadian) per month "Plus" service. And there's another reason to keep my Bell line around; despite bumping my Fido monthly airtime up to a thousand minutes, the bill I got from them today comes out to over three hundred bucks!

Great, so now I'm grumpy and broke...

Posted: Tue - July 1, 2003 at 10:34 AM        

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