Tell me what you think; now the whole world can read along!

I've spent most of this evening futzing with javascript code. What did I learn from the experience? That I really dislike futzing with javascript code! Nevertheless, I've finally managed to give my home on the Internet something I've wanted it to have for a long, long time.

Some notes: First, if you're worried about me or anyone else abusing your personal info, you don't have to enter your email or website address if you don't want to -- but keep in mind that it is the best and cheapest way to promote yourself and make new friends! Also, I do have the means and reserve the right to remove any remarks that I deem to be offensive or in excessively poor taste.

So there ya go. And to get you started, I'd be most interested in knowing what y'all think of this website's new look and feel, especially compared to the old version. Don't hold back... Comment away!

Posted: Wed - July 2, 2003 at 11:01 PM        

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