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Food & Friends

Tuesday, August 31st, 2004


For this, my final posting of photos from South Africa, I pay tribute to some of the little things that made my trip so memorable. For example, My hotel rate included full access to the daily breakfast buffet, where I would enjoy some local fruits, like the aforementioned tomango and granadilla (passion fruit), the goopy delight pictured above.


My fruit appetizer was only a warm-up for the tasty made-to-order omelette that followed. My favourite side was a healthy dollop of “beef mince” — my camera phone really didn’t do it justice.


Minibus taxis like this were parked in front of my hotel at all hours of the day and night. They’re usually bound for a single destination, and don’t leave until full-up with passengers. As such, the drivers have helpers who hang out the window and solicit business by repeatedly yelling out where the minibus is headed. The result? Every time I walked out onto the street all I could hear was: “Sea Point, Sea Point, Sea Point!” — except yelled ten times as fast.


More days than not, the hotel staff’s favourite cab driver was also parked outside. Livingstone — either his first or last name — had such a good reputation with the bellhops and parking attendants that I asked him to drive me to airport on my last day, and got this souvenir photo.


The billboard belongs to Cell C, a local cell phone company, and could be spotted by looking north down Strand Street from the elevator ride to my room. Home schweet home, indeed!