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Mr. Dvorak, You are a Twat

Thursday, August 17th, 2006


Maybe this is old news, but my blood still boils as much as the day I first read this editardial from self-proclaimed tech-guru John C. Dvorak.

Nowhere in it is there any acknowledgement of mobile phone users doing anything other than talking on their handsets. Have you not noticed, Mr. Dvorak, that even the “boorish businessmen” you write about are more often bumping into each other while staring at their BlackBerry screens than “yakking on the cell phone”? And while you yanks are generally more prone to talking than using your handset’s data services, how can you ignore your ever-increasing use of text messaging and the fact that the data-centric Sidekick is one of the best-selling handsets in your country?

I can’t believe that people get paid to write such useless, uninformed crap—unless Dvorak’s column is merely a placeholder for online ads, which it most surely is. Well, if you can’t beat ‘em…

Folks, you know what I really hate? Ethnic food! It smells bad, the people who make it smell bad and it makes the people who eat it smell bad too… Fuck!

There, now give me a thousand bucks…


Thankfully, all is not lost for our elder generations; we can take heart that not all old people are as useless as John C. Dvorak.